Film House Doubles Down on Solar

Sunday, June 21st, 2020

Nashville, May 25, 2010 – Film House, the largest film production company in Tennessee, is in the process of completing a 21KW installation of solar panels on the building it occupies at 810 Dominican drive in MetroCenter, making it the first client of Nashville start-up Energy Source Partners. "We´re always looking for ways to make Film House more environmentally responsible," said Film House CEO Curt Hahn. "We‟ve been studying solar panels for years, and their time has finally come in Tennessee."

The combination of new state and federal incentives, coupled with the Energy Source Partners (ESP) business model, makes it possible for building owners to install solar panels with no upfront expense. “We own and install all the equipment and manage the system,” explains ESP founder Ron Merville. “We then share in the revenue generated. Our customers save on their electricity costs and lower their carbon footprint.”

The Film House building on Dominican Drive is the second one Film House has built in Nashville and both feature a passive solar design. “We‟ve always felt that „passive solar architecture‟ should be a redundant term,” says Hahn. “By taking site, sun orientation and other passive solar design elements into account we‟ve saved a small fortune in lighting, heating and cooling costs.”

The Earl Swensson-designed Film House building features floors that step out as they go up, providing natural overhangs that keep direct sun out of the building during the summer and let sun in during the winter. “Now, thanks to the state and federal incentives, we‟ve got the best of both worlds – active solar panels on the roof of our passive solar building.”

Click here to view time lapse footage of the Film House solar panel install.

About Film House
Founded in 1976, Film House ( is Tennessee’s largest film production company producing hundreds of films and TV commercials annually. Transcendent, a wholly–owned subsidiary, produces independent feature films such as “No Regrets” starring Janine Turner and Kate Jackson, and "Two Weeks" starring two time Academy Award winner Sally Field.

About Energy Source Partners
Energy Source Partners ( provides the design, financing, installation, management and support for all aspects of the solar energy system. Through ESP’s Brightway Solar Power Purchase Agreement, customers get a renewable energy solution tailored to provide low-cost electricity with long-term pricing stability, a smaller carbon footprint and a greener public image.