Franklin will add second solar panel array

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

YFranklin aldermen have approved a second array of solar panels at the city´s wastewater treatment plant. The city leased land for the first solar panel array in 2012.

FRANKLIN - Franklin will lease unused land to a Nashville-based company for the future installation of a new solar panel array.

Energy Source Partners is proposing to spend $2.6 million to build a new solar array that would be located on a 3-acre sludge field site near Mack Hatcher Parkway. That array is expected to generate 1 megawatt of electricity, which would be sold to the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Over the course of the proposed 20-year contract, the 1 megawatt panels would generate $165,000 for Franklin by the 10th year of the program and about $800,000 from years 10 to 20.

Last year, Franklin leased part of an empty sludge field near its sewer plant off Claude Yates Drive to Nashville-based Energy Source Partners, which paid about $1 million to install 940 solar panels on the land. Those panels, which generate about 200 kilowatts, capture sun rays and convert them to electricity, which is then resold.

In approving the contract, aldermen wanted additional follow-up on the contract between the city and ESP by City Administrator Eric Stuckey and City Attorney Shauna Billingsley.